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Do I have to wear a white wedding dress on my wedding day?

No is the short answer. You can wear what you like, it’s your day so you need to wear something you’ll be comfortable in all day.

I can hear some people saying “But whites ’a traditional dress colour, it
shows purity, and it’s symbolic”. And?? Isn't it time we broke tradition?

Not all brides like to wear dresses in their normal day and will feel uncomfortable and out of sorts wearing a white wedding dress. It’s not their style or personality. Will your guests think you look so different they don’t recognise you? If you usually wear trousers every day then you can wear a nice trouser suit, or even a jumpsuit as your outfit. You could wear shorts on a nice day too, if that is your style. There are no rules, so go with whatever you want.

White wedding dresses don’t always photograph well and they show the dirt much quicker. It can also be pricey having it professionally cleaned after your wedding day.

Guests are not able to wear white to weddings but if the bride wears a colour, then the guests can go crazy with wearing white instead. White doesn’t suit everyone, but it could be a guests favourite colour and really suit them.

Wearing a colour instead of a white wedding dress will not have any detrimental effect on the
wedding or marriage. I’ve yet to hear of a couple getting divorced due to the bride wearing red, for example.

So, in summary, it’s okay to be different, break free from tradition, and wear whatever you choose. It’s also okay to wear the biggest, whitest wedding dress ever seen.

You do you.

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