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Do I need a wedding day coordinator? What do they do?

It really depends on how much you want to do yourself at the same time as getting ready and enjoying your special day. Can you get married and be your own wedding day coordinator? You could, or you could hire one instead.

As a wedding day coordinator, my role includes being the main contact for your suppliers. 1 month before the wedding day, I check all the details are correct and that your suppliers know where they are going, at what time, and what is expected of them. If they have any concerns on the day such as, missing items, broken items etc, they come to me for help. You won’t even know about it; you don’t need any added stress to your day.

I can visit venues with you. I look at the practicalities of venues. Yes, they need to look beautiful and have amazing views for your photographs, but do they have disabled access? Will your guests be together all day or is there a chill out area? Where will the children go to burn off some energy? Is there a wet weather plan? How do you turn on and off outside lights? Any noise limit? Electric sockets for your dj? Where’s the breaker box? Will someone be there in case of any venue issues?

I put a timeline together for your suppliers, we discuss the timeline before your wedding to make sure that it works for everyone involved. If there are any issues, I do my upmost to resolve it. If I need to discuss it with you, then I do.

I am the detail checker. I check everything has been set up to your preference. I can set up the wedding for an extra charge if preferred. I begin our detail checking 1 month before the day and don’t stop until I leave so you don’t need to even think about it.

I am the contact for your guests and suppliers on the wedding day and I move your guests from A-B with my assistant to keep your wedding day flowing nicely.

I also move you from A-B so that you stick to your own plan for your day. The wedding day will go so quick and I want you to get the most out of your day.

I have an emergency bag full of bits and bobs, it includes safety pins, first aid kits, glue, tweezers, and so many more wonderful things that you may not think about but might need. Hopefully it won’t be needed, but it’s best to have these items and not need them than need them but not have them.

Do you have an elderly or infirm relative that you are worring about on your day? I can work with you to make sure they are involved in your wedding and enjoy your special day. Or, have you invited someone who can become a concern after a few drinks? I can be the one to keep an eye on them and step in if needed.

So, what do you think, would you like a wedding day coordinator? It can take approximately 250 hours to plan a wedding, could hiring a wedding day coordinator give you a more relaxed, enjoyable day?

If you’d like to discuss your wedding with me, please contact me, Sam, on 07517127703 or email me for a free, no obligation consultation.

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